Concrete Stain Minneapolis

Durable and versatile. Choose stains if you enjoy a natural look and want something that will last for years.

Concrete Staining Minneapolis MN
Concrete Staining In Minneapolis MN

Benefits of Acid Stain

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Because acid stain penetrates deep into the concrete, it doesn’t wear out, chip, discolor or fade over time.
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Easy To Clean

Like other smooth non-porous surfaces, concrete stained floors are easy to clean and maintain.
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We offer over 30 different colors of acid stain which can enhance the look not only of your concrete but interior too.
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Budget Friendly

No expensive materials or equipment are needed; we prepare the concrete floor and apply the acid stain, lowering the overall labor cost.
Concrete Staining Minneapolis MN
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Anti Slip Option

The clear topcoat can optionally have an anti-slip agent put in it to improve safety and avoid slip-and-fall events when the Minneapolis weather is wet and cold.
Concrete Staining In Minneapolis

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